Testimonials & Product Reviews

Listen sis, I don't know what you're tapped into, but I love your vibe. It's obvious you're connected to the heavens. You don't know me, but I see you often. I'm here to confirm that God is about to blow your mind with his goodness sister friend. Keep going, I'm here for it!
OMG! Girl, the hair butter is the bizness!
Kimberly R.
That butter is the bomb!!!! My hair is so manageable!!
Jaz G.
Nakia, first of all, thank you for the sample of the curl enhancing gel.  What's funny is that when you gave me your card this time I spent a long time on your website browsing your site from products, to you your tube video and testimonies.  Needless to say, the next day I went to The Green Corner Store and got a sample pack so I could try everything.  LOL! I could not resist any longer.  Second, you are a genius! I could immediately tell a difference in my hair after the first full treatment and I was in disbelief. I had been using so many product and still was not getting the moisture nor curl definition that I was looking for.  Also I had some heat damage to the front of my hair and started cutting away at little pieces (which I thought there was not hope for) however, I can already see recovery in my definition. Also, my hair is lighter meaning it has some bounce so it and is not weighed down by heavy product.  The next day I checked my mail and was so gracious that you were nice enough to give me a sample of what I needed so desperately.  I am a fan and I plan to encourage my family and friends to invest in your product because it is beyond worth it!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Ashley W.
Hey girl, I just wanted to let you know that one of my coworkers bought some of your hair products for her little girl and she was very pleased with the results. She made it a point to share that with me first thing this morning with a grand smile. You have another satisfied customer. God Bless
Cynthia D.
Hey!! I have been meaning to contact you and let you know that-------- “YOU DID IT.” I picked up the curly gel a few weekends ago and have since used it 3xs on Lyn’s hair and it is just fabulous.  It did wonders on her hair.  She has been wanting to wear her hair down for some time now but because of the thickness, I was kind of hesitant to let her do so.  Well, I went to Whole Foods and picked up the gel and of course tried it that day and her hair was amazing.  Your product left her hair shiny, full of body and helped with the tangles.  After a couple of days of wearing it down, I sprayed water on her hair and put it in a ponytail and it still looked amazing.  Lyn is so happy that she is finally able to wear her hair down and we have you to thank for that.  As with all of your products, you have done a fantastic job and keep up the excellent work!!Thank you.
R. Williams
"Hello...my name is Roz and I used to be a "product junkie" I would buy and try anything that claimed to define, shine, stretch, detangle, ... I then tried Nakia Amour and WOW!!! I threw away ALL of my old products!!! YAY!!! I have been clean and sober now for 5 months using onlyNakia Amour !!!! If you are a product junkie like i used to be try Nakia Amour !!! My only product of choice now is Nakia Amour !!!! Thank you Nakia!!!"
Roz W.
“I tried the Nakia Amour Pre-Conditioner Treatment and Black Soap Shampoo for the first time and loved it.  The moisture and shine left on my hair was amazing; even the people I work with noticed.  I will certainly make another purchase.”
Evelyn C.
"OMGoodness!!!  I used the pre-conditioner yesterday and the only thing that I can say is wow.  I noticed an immediate difference in my hair.  Normally once it is dry I have to put a ton of product on my hair just to bring back the moisture.  With your product, I did not have to use anything additional.  This is just fabulous.  I cannot wait to wash the girls’ hair. Thanks again – this product is wonderful. "
Roshonda F.
"I last permed in February or March and did the big chop in August because I wasn't concerned about length. I enjoyed your seminars this past weekend and plan to purchase your products immediately after finishing the products I've already purchased. Thanks so much for encouraging more sisters to wear their hair the way in which God intended."
Edie C.
"I've been using Nakia Amour  product for the past month and 1/2. I can tell the different in strength, moisture, styling and softness. This product has done wonders for my hair. I believe the pre-treatment you use before washing and condition start the process and the next step interlocks the rest of the product. I give it two thumps up; try and see for yourself I'm sold on it."
E. Cooper
" I love your products. The fragrance and the texture. I have only used the pre-conditioner for a few days but my scalp feels so much better. I can feel my scalp tingling when I use the product which indicates growth and health. I advice everyone to try your products."
Sharla S.
"I love it!! I had less shedding when combing through while conditioning and after while I was styling my hair. It is shiner and softer. This will definitely become one of my staple products!! I am so pleased with the pre-conditioner.  I really think it has potential to be a household name."
Jennifer M.
Girl you put your foot, arms and legs in when you created this stuff!
Delmika E.