Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is transitioning? Transitioning is the growing out or process of growing chemical free hair. Once a person reaches a length they're pleased with, the relaxed ends are trimmed off, leaving the person with 100% natural/chemical free hair.
  2. Do you have educational videos on product usage? Yes, we're currently loading videos to our Vimeo Page and our YouTube is being updated as well. For copies of our PDF's just send an email request at
  3. How long does transitioning take? Transition can take as long or short as you like. There's no set time table. Once you're pleased with the length you desire, cut off the relaxed/chemical treated hair or ends remaining. However, keep in mind natural hair shrinks about half its length if not more. Also note the weight of the relaxed ends may give a false appearance of length. Hair may appear longer than what it actually is. If length is a deal breaker for you, try testing a section before trimming off your ends completely off.
  4. What's the difference between BC (big chop) and transition? Big Chopping (BC) is when all chemical treated or relaxed hair is cut off at once and only the natural new growth remains. Transition is when you stop chemically relaxing the hair and gradually trim the ends as it grows out. The length of the transition is up to the individual.
  5. Can I color my hair?  Sure you can, however, get to know your texture before doing so. Color can sometime complicate figuring out which products work for your hair type. If you must color, try to opt for more natural solutions such as henna, peroxide and ammonia free products. Keep in mind both color and henna may alter your curl pattern so please do your research before applying. Henna is more like a hair tint but, has been known to loosen curl patterns. Permanent color has also been known to alter curls and dry hair out as well. To counter this issue test a small section before applying to your entire head. If you move forward with the decision to color expect to increase conditioning. If deep conditioning is not part of your regimen, I highly advise to start. 
  6. Will my hair fall out while transitioning? If you're not properly conditioning and caring for your hair, the chances of hair loss will increase whether you're transitioning or not. Textured and relaxed hair need water, vitamins and plant based oils to flourish. However, diet and water is key for any hair regimen. The use of natural oils help aid and prevent breakage. They're absorbed faster opposed to sitting on top like most synthetics (petroleum and mineral oil).  Also consider the tools you use to style as well as accessories, hair pieces, braid and weave tension. If your hair is braided too tight you very well may inflict damage to the hair and scalp. This damage is sometimes irreversible and can lead to permanent hair loss in some cases.
  7. How do I know which products to use? You can avoid becoming a product junkie and careless mistakes through education. A rule of thumb I like to use is, the looser the curl, the lighter the product (leave-in spray, light styling aids) and the tighter the curl, the heavier the product (gels, thicker leave-ins, oils, butters, creams). However, it depends on the style you're trying to achieve, ingredient sensitivity and product preferences. Our Nakia Amour products can be used separately or together to style any natural, relaxed, textured or curl type.
  8. How do you detangle hair? Always detangle hair from end to root with a wide tooth comb in small sections. For added ease, use conditioner or detangle spray with lots of slip (glide) and divide hair in small sections.  Although natural hair is strong, wet hair is fragile and you should take your time when caring for it. The detangling phase is when one can unnecessarily loose hair, so be patient and keep a spray bottle of water near by.  Also always moisten hair before combing thru it, this will reduce friction, pull and tug. Time management is key when detangling natural hair. If you don't have time, don't do it.
  9. Will my hair grow faster by transitioning? Generally hair grows about 1/2 inch a month; however, genetics, condition of hair/scalp, health, diet and exercise should be factored in as well. Believe it or not, what you put in your body is a result of what comes out. Drinking water and taking supplements such as biotin, flax seed, silica, bamboo, horsetail, vitamin A & E, B-Complex, C, MSM and Zinc can increase hair growth, but you should ALWAYS consult your physician before taking supplements. Too much of a good thing can sometimes turn out to be just as bad if you don't do your homework. Note: these supplements will also speed up hair growth in other areas as well (legs, armpit, eyebrows, etc.)
  10. Are natural hair products necessary? The natural hair care market is growing and there are now several brands ranging from low to high end.  Nakia Amour products are made with top grade oils and extracts from credible vendors. Using more natural based products is better for your health and hair. Products such as Nakia Amour benefit your hair by solving the problem, opposed to temporarily covering the issue up. Our products provide jobs to our community and vendors nationally. When you purchase our products the reach goes beyond our shelves.
  11. Why is my hair so dry? Natural hair can suffer from dryness because of it's texture, styling or products. The sebum your body produces to moisturize your hair may not be enough, which may be one result of dry hair. To keep dry hair at bay Nakia Amour encourages use of moisturizers along with increasing your drinking water intake daily and evaluating your diet. Medications, hair color, wearing your hair in certain styles often or wetting the hair daily with water causes dryness as well. If you wet your hair daily try adding an oil or a mixture of  glycerin (1 tsp) and olive oil (1/2 tsp) in a spray bottle with your water and apply to hair daily if you like. This mixture softens the water and your hair. When combining this mixture with our Moisturizing Hair Butter Creme the combination of moisture replenishment, stimulation, revitalizes, strengthens and protect parched tresses. Remember if a moisturizer is really a true moisturizer water is the first ingredient.
  12. Can I straighten my hair? To straighten your hair you can opt for silk press or flat ironed; however, I strongly recommend refraining from using heat often, for it can change the curl pattern over time if applied repeatedly (heat damage). Heat styling dries the hair out and without properly conditioning or protecting your tresses, hair can break off. If you're heat styling, monitor the temperature of the tool to avoid permanent damage. Especially since heat damaged hair cannot be reversed. Once the damage has occurred, hair must be grown out and trimmed off.
  13. Are your products scented? Yes, currently the Pre-Conditioning Hair Oil is the only naturally scented. All other products are now lightly scented with an phthalate free fragrance oil as of January 2020. 
  14. Returns/Damage Packages? All sales are final. However, if you receive a damage product please contact us at to remedy the issue as soon as possible. Customers have 7 days to report from date of arrival.
  15. Do you have a Blog? Absolutely, check it out here for inspiration, hair care tips and a few life lessons.
  16. Do you have samples? Our Mini Bundle is a great way to check out our products. Each product comes in an 2 oz size, perfect of testing your hair response.
  17. I want to carry Nakia Amour products in our store location? For consideration please contact us at 
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  19. Do you have product in stock? Yes, but due to Covid-19 we sell out quickly some days. All in stock products ship within 24 hours. Made to order ships within 72 hours.