About Us

Why Use Nakia Amour®
Nakia Amour® promotes hair strengthening, revitalization, protection and growth through a process of moisturizing and conditioning.  This system is free of synthetics, sulfates and safe to use on virgin or chemical relaxed hair.  Nakia Amour® is infused with essential oils, moisturizers and plant-based ingredients.  Nakia Amour® helps improve hair growth, moisture retention and scalp health without the use of harsh chemicals.

The Discovery of Nakia Amour®
After transitioning to chemical free hair in 2008, Nakia struggled with managing her multi-pattern curly hair, desperately trying any technique or product.  However to no avail did anything work, until Nakia decided to stop the madness, research for herself and create her own products from scratch.

Little did she know taking matters into her hands, would led to the total transformation of her hair and starting a business.  Nakia contributes much of her success to deep conditioning,  scalp stimulation, the use of natural oils and simple consistent maintenance methods. Today Nakia Amour® Products are sold at select Whole Foods, Drug Emporium, The Harambee Market, Esty online, NakiaAmour.com and My Color of Beauty.