Time to Unplug

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With our social media enhanced world today, it’s easy to become overloaded with information. Most people roll out of bed only for their phones to be the first thing they pick up as their feet hit the floor. Yep, you’ve only been up 2 seconds and you’re already strumming across the Gram, Facebook, checking email or tuning into the news.

Have you ever asked yourself, why? What’s so important and can't wait? Have you even thanked the creator for waking you up? Or maybe you're oblivious to what's happening and your subconscious imprint is just doing what it does according to the program you've written. How did you get here, exactly? Well if I have already described your daily routine, unplugging is in order, for this is sign #1.

I’m not here to make you feel bad. I only want you to become aware of what you truly may not be able to see. Some may shuck it off as, oh that just the way things are right now. Or we’re just more tech-savvy now and it’s the sign of the times. Well, I disagree because at the end of the day it starts out being a conscious choice. Over time like most habits, it will become subconscious if not addressed.
Perhaps you’re out with friends or speaking with someone, only to swiftly cut them off in midsentence to check your phone or text while visiting. Now, this doesn’t apply if you have explained you’re waiting on an important call/text beforehand. But you get the picture.

For example, its girl’s night and you’re unengaged in a conversation and checking your phone or strumming social media pages. Yes, girlfriend, this is sign #2. Why on earth would you come to meet up with friends, if all you were going to do was highlight your face with the seemingly hypnotic blue light? Is real human contact really that off-putting to you? I’m hoping not.

Last but not least, do you get overly emotionally tied to what’s said on television or radio? Or can you not go 24 hours without turning on the news or hearing some sort of noise in the background? Whelp you guessed it, this is sign #3 that you may need to unplug.

Unplugging is just another phrase for disconnecting or solitude if you will. You don’t have to do it for a long period of time necessarily. However, do it long enough to refresh your mind or pay attention to the things that are really important. The things right in your face or perhaps the things you've managed to suppress. Many times we schedule our day with meaningless filler to avoid addressing matters.

Did you know that depression has skyrocketed due to people essentially spending more time on social media? Yes, people, in essence, watching other people live, as they waste time getting upset and questioning, why their lives suck!
It’s not that your life is all that horrible, trust me. A lot of what’s on social media is smoke and mirrors hunni. Truth is, you have chosen to devalue your own efforts. Only you can give what you’re doing or not doing, value. And if you’re not satisfied with your situation, do something about it. Your only limitation is your mindset and what you deem important.

Today deem yourself as a priority. When you wake up in the mornings thank the creator for giving you another day. Tell your beautiful self, you're enough and welcome in all the goodness that awaits you. Don't for a second think there isn't any good waiting to unfold. Because there is if you say it is, and act as if it's true. Remember, whatever you tell yourself, unfolds into truth for you. Until next time doll, flourish and grow™.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right,”- Henry Ford

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