The Secret Behind Hair Breakage and Loss

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Who would have thought the hairbrush, comb and hair ties you use to maintain your hair could be working against you? In this article, I will shed light on how you can avoid this from happening.

When it comes to gaining length, it’s only natural that hair maintenance is mention in the same breath. We’re all familiar with the usual tools to maintain one's hair. However, I want to give you tips on selecting the appropriate grooming tools.
To keep hair in shipshape it’s important to look at your purchases as an investment. When you purchase products for the upkeep of your tresses it’s an opportunity to either lower risk or expedite. Investing in hair care that allows your hair to flourish is key to gain high yielding results.

First, let’s examine the comb. Many use this tool in their daily routine. Not only for their hair but perhaps their sons and daughters' hair as well. When making this purchase I opt for the seamless comb. There are options for the Epoxy and Wood combs on the market. However, I adore the seamless comb because of its organic resin process, heat resistance, and longevity. During the manufacturing procedure, this type of comb undergoes a method to create a smooth comb without seams.

Think about it for a minute, what type of damage do you think a comb with seams can inflict? Possible split ends, tearing the hair and shredding to name a few. Which in my world is hair damage! It’s possible when shopping, this rarely considered. Nonetheless, I would like for you to take inventory of your beauty tools immediately. If you have combs that have ridges, splits, and seams, throw them away.

Top-quality seamless combs can be purchased for as little as $9.00. Nonetheless, beware of combs labeled as bone or seamless, but priced at $1.00. Evaluate the product first. If a seam is present keep shopping.

Next up is the brush. Mind you there are several types of brushes depending on the style you want to achieve. However, to remain on topic I’ll refer 2 of my must-haves. The first styling companion is the boar bristle brush. This brush is widely known for dispersing sebum throughout the length of the hair. It also encourages scalp stimulation and prevents breakage due to softer bristles.

When styling my hair in a bun, sleek style or ponytail I always have my boar bristle brush within reach. I also use this tool daily to brush through my little one's thick natural hair as well. I find this brush is extremely helpful when trying to hold off an impending wash day (wink, wink).

Also on the list is the kidney-shaped detangling hairbrush. Oh my goodness when this was introduced into the market it was life-changing for me. Seriously, for us tender head naturalistas it’s the equivalent of sliced bread and cocoa butter hunni lol. I know this creation came from God! It’s practically pain-free, easy to clean and reduces hair loss if used properly. It also helps assist curl formation as well.
There are several brands and styles to choose from. So much so you may have a hard time selecting just one. Personally, I like the one with a longer handle. For me, it allows less slippage and more control. Because you already know that Nakia Amour Curl Enhancing Gel does not hold back on the glide.

Lastly, let’s touch on hair ties, headbands, clips, pillows, sleep caps and wraps. One rule of thumb you can always lean on is observation. If the item presents a possibility of poking, rubbing, sharpness or lack of protection, beware. I know all hair ornaments don’t allow the level of protection we may want. However, use good judgment when making purchases. If it’s an item for long term use, make sure you choose wisely. For example, I use hair bands and ties weekly. So all accessories I use to secure my hair will be free of metal clasp or ouchless. Anytime I can reduce damage is a win for the long haul.

When it comes to protecting your hair at night, sleep on a satin pillowcase or cover your tresses with a satin bonnet. The benefit of using satin over cotton is less breakage, moisture retention, and fewer tangles. As known as protection
So to sum up my tips in 3 words, precaution, protect and preserve! Use precaution when styling and purchasing tools. Protect your tresses by using wisdom and investigating. Preserve your sanity and hair by eliminating myths and old wives' tales regarding hair.

Until next week let’s flourish and grow ™.


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