How I Recovered from Postpartum Hair Loss

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After having a baby in June 2017, I began to notice my hairline was receding. I wasn't alarmed initially since the shedding appeared to be normal amounts I would see regularly. The hair loss began with small amounts here and there. More so when I styled, washed or detangled my hair. It never got to the point where hair fall would come out in large clumps. Just continuous small amounts of full-length hair over a period of time.

The thinning however was not throughout my scalp. Only the frontal portion of my hairline was affected. At first glance, it wasn't noticeable. However, when standing in direct light it was quite obvious. By the time October rolled around I had a combination of thinning hair and bald sections on either side of my head as seen in the photo. Once where a hairline existed I now had 1.5 to 2.5 inches of hair loss.

The occurrence was odd because I never experienced hair fall or even thinning after childbirth before. So this was entirely new territory for me personally. Although I've heard others' experiences many times through my hair consultations or just chatting with friends. Nevertheless, I had to digest what was happening and keep my cool. Luckily I've coached many through this process.

Losing hair has different effects on people. Some may not take the matter to heart, while others are totally devastated. I fell somewhere in the middle. I've grown my hair before but not from this type of loss. However, I was confident I knew what to do for hair restoration. Plus I had an idea of what could have caused the issue.

Now don't get me wrong, just because I knew what to do, didn't make this journey a cakewalk. I went on an emotional roller coaster some days. There were times I could come up with cute styles to camouflage my hair problem. Then there were times I would let it all hang out, only to later get mad at some of the stares I would receive from people. It was a lot to deal with and the one thing that kept me sane was that beautiful miracle baby.

So what was my hair loss solution? I did exactly what I tell all my clients battling hair loss. I made a list of all recent lifestyle changes, medications, health status, drinking/eating habits as well as an exercise regimen or lack thereof. This is key because there are many reasons for hair loss. Creating a list can possibly pinpoint the cause so an appropriate method of recovery can be reached.

For example, my major lifestyle change was childbirth and breastfeeding. Yes, hair loss is quite common for women who are about 3 months postpartum. The hormones are still adjusting. When pregnant, the estrogen and progesterone levels are high and after baby, they decline. This is the reason the hair is thick, shiny and lush during pregnancy and then takes a sharp turn left to postpartum alopecia.

Now, fortunately, every pregnancy experience is different. One individual may not encounter hair loss with each pregnancy. This was exactly what happened in my case. Another culprit that could have caused my dilemma is telogen effluvium. This condition occurs when a person undergoes surgery and general anesthesia is given.

After having my baby I elected to have a Salpingectomy (fallopian tubes removed) the following September. While giving much hope to my sisters in the 40 plus club without children. Yes Hunny, after childbirth at 42, as beautiful as it was, I had all that plumbing snatched out. I knew I could not bare another term of sciatic nerve pain in my tuchus, lol. Now that pain is like a truth serum and will make you come clean about stuff you did when you were 2 years old. Shout out to all my girls that agree sciatic nerve pain is the devil.

So my checklist included good health, postpartum with a recent dose of anesthesia due to surgery and high blood pressure (temporary due to pregnancy). Yet I noticed the hair fall before October, therefore I conclude the anesthesia may not have started the issue, but clearly could have expedited the process.

To push past my excessive thinning, I used Nakia Amour Pre-Conditioning Hair Oil in combination with the Nakia Amour Moisturizing Hair Butter Creme. The oil was used solely at the beginning of my hair restoration process. I would shampoo and condition my hair, then oil the areas that were affected. It wasn't until the hair began filling in that I added the Nakia Amour Moisturizing Hair Butter Creme to my regimen. Adding this butter was important because it's a moisturizer.

Each week I would follow these simple steps along with eating clean, drinking water and low impact exercise. As you can see in the pic it wasn't long before my hair began to fill back in. First I saw peach fuzz then later baby bangs. To see what my hair looks like now check me out on my Social Media Platforms @NakiaAmour.

I hope you found this article informational as well as entertaining. For questions please contact or click the contact us button. As always share your comments below. Until next time, lets flourish and grow™.

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  • hedi

    Thank you ! been looking to try some products.. I will share not sure if you’ve seen the postpartum hair loss vitamins from baby blues brand ( but they have been extremely helpful in slowing my shedding and with regrowth. I had very bad hair loss with my first baby and was anxious about it when I got pregnant again but its been worlds better. Definitely recommend.

  • Bella

    THank you so much for your article. I like your insight into moisturizing the strands. The best thing I found my second pregnancy was a postpartum hair vitamin from a company called Baby Blues ( my obgyn was telling me the importance of replenishing the vitamins the body needs for hair health and growth from inside, and I have to say it made a significant difference. Interested in what combining products would do. Thank you again!

  • MeChon H.

    Thank you for the transparency! This post has made me think more about making some diet changes. I’ve been battling hair lose lately.

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