Cheers to the Weekend

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I’m sure even if you haven’t said it out loud you have felt the sigh of relief as the weekend approaches. I know I have. So what is that about? Why do we treat Monday through Thursday as the wet blanket effect? But come Friday, it’s like, “hey boo what we doing”, lol?
I’ve told you in some of my other posts, this journey has allowed much self-exploration on my part. As I figured out my hair I also began to examine my happiness. Personally, for me, I discovered the weekend meant doing what I wanted when I wanted aka a total disconnect from the nine to five. It’s all good sis if you feel the same, your secret is safe with me.
As I peeled back the layers that made up my work week, I began to see a pattern. Once the clock struck 6 a.m., my time was dictated by everything but me. Be it an obligation to my family, job, pet, you name it. Days upon days full of mama, babe, Nakia hey can you….. Need I say more? So I asked myself, what was so different about the weekend?
For me, the weekend was an invitation to freedom and time on my terms. However, the funny part was many obligations were still present. The only elephant in the room missing was the nine to five. Well, clutch my pearls, lol. Did this mean I disliked the very thing I spent nearly 8 hours a day doing? Of course not. There are bits and pieces I love and some others not so much. Although that may not be the case for everyone. Nonetheless, I’ll expand on that part another day.
The weekend in my world means spending time doing what I love at the core! Now don’t get me wrong I’m not always traveling, kicking it with the girls and eating fabulously. Many Saturday’s I’m in my comfy lounge clothes sipping coffee out of my favorite mug, mediating and watching the sunrise. But then the rogue rooster crows™ (I live in the city but my neighbors have chickens, smh) and here comes baby girl, ready to eat, eat.
To some, this may not sound like freedom or fun but for me, it’s the beauty in my ever-unfolding 48 hours. There’s no wrong or right in it. It just is and I relish in every part of it.
Take a few moments to think about your view on the week versus the weekend. Feel free to share some of your nuggets below. Until next time flourish and grow™.

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