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If you have read the back story of how I got started. I’m sure you can appreciate how my business has progressed and developed. I started in my kitchen and quickly landed on a few store shelves within the first few years. Nonetheless, there was still quite a bit I needed to learn about product management, production, and entrepreneurship. Was I up for the task, absolutely, at first? But then, see what happen was, lol. Well, life continued to happen and I had to learn to (cue the music) lean with it, rock with.

Sounds easy right? Well not so much. In the beginning, I could say something and it would happen. Then times I wanted to scream and pull my hair out showed up. Truth be told there were times I did just that. Ugly crying in a corner, snot bubbles and all. Having staff meetings of one with my thoughts. The problem was it didn’t solve a thing! The issues were still there long after the pity party was over.

I found myself at times feeling like someone pulled the rug from under my feet. Only later to realize that someone was me! Over time I pondered on “why” but then noticed “the why” kept showing up since I kept requesting its presence. It wasn’t long before the light bulb went off and I discovered my words were shaping my world. Yes, the words I allowed to come out of my mouth willingly accepted all of my invitations.

With that being said, expect colorful snippets and variations of me. I’ll still talk shop about hair. Though many of my posts are sprinkled with loving seeds and treasures that have allowed me to Flourish and Grow™. Feel free to glean and fill your wheelbarrow with what resonates with you. Also, subscribe to my video series on YouTube and check out my social media pages for more content.

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