Nakia Amour Product Instructions

Nakia Amour Product Instructions


The Mini and Curly Girl Kits include instruction sheet. However as a quick guide it's printed here as well for added convenience. For a PDF, add to your cart, with your order and a copy will be emailed directly to you. We appreciate your patronage!

Pre-Conditioning Hair Oil™

The Pre-Conditioning Hair Oil is an amazing conditioning product that can serve as an Pre-Poo or remain on hair/scalp for extra conditioning.

To use product as a Pre-Poo, lightly apply oil to scalp and hair from root to tip and allow product to absorb into hair overnight or 45 minutes to penetrate follicle. Next rinse oil out, shampoo, condition and rinse. Longer penetration equates optimal conditioning results and minimizes dry scalp/dry hair issues. Product great for edge & hair growth as well. See Nakia Amour Hair Loss Blog Post.

Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo

Apply shampoo directly onto wet hair and massage gently until lather, then rinse. Repeat process if desired. Product purposely formulated for low lather.

Moisturizing Conditioner

Apply Moisturizing Conditioner to hair after shampoo or simply use as a Co-Wash. Distribute evenly and leave on hair for 10-15 minutes. Detangle hair with wide-tooth comb from ends to root and rinse. Gently blot hair with cotton towel to absorb excess water (do not rub). Next, apply Curl Enhancing Gel, Leave-In Conditioner or Moisturizing Hair Butter Crème onto damp hair for styling.

Curl Enhancing Gel™

This product adds shine while defining existing curl patterns and texture. Use Curl Enhancing Gel solely or combined with other Nakia Amour products.

For Wash & Go’s, divide hair into small sections (5-7 sections) and secure each section. Apply gel lightly, a little application goes a long way. To begin squirt a quarter size dollop of gel into hands and rub into palms. Apply gel to damp hair about ½ inch  from hair shaft to enhance curl definition and tame fly-aways.

Make sure product covers the entire length of hair before moving to the next section. For best results, evenly distribute product and allow hair to dry 70% before styling. Once dry do not comb through curls, finger style or scrunch only to avoid frizz. The results should be soft, bouncy crunch free curls.

Leave-In Conditioner

This product enhances existing curl patterns and texture as well. Use Leave-In Conditioner solely or combined with other Nakia Amour products. This product is great for Wash & Go’s, next day curl refreshing and children hair styling. For next day curls, dampen hair first. Next, apply leave-in to hands and apply to hair. Curls will re-coil as the product dries. Once product dries, scrunch curls and style.

Moisturizing Hair Butter Crème™

The name says it all when it comes to this product. Apply product to hands first for even distribution to hair. For best results, use for protective styles, weave care, braids, twist, locs, children hair styling, edges, beards, scalp care and low cuts.

Apply butter to tangle-free damp or dry hair and style as desired. Product penetrates and moisturizes hair. Add low dryer heat for additional sheen.


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