The Withered Tree

Nakia Amour Blog

As I sat in my backyard meditating, my eyes caught a glimpse of a brownish grey withered looking tree.  The odd thing was the tree stood among many lush green, yellow and orange trees.  Although it was missing all of its leaves, it was still standing tall in the mist of all the beauty around it.  I was a bit mystified as to how this tree was naked, when the others had endured the same storms, weather, sunlight, water and wind.  How on earth did this tree, only bared branches while the others surrounding it, still managed to maintain their fullness?

I closed my eyes and asked myself is the tree really bare, or is this tree just as full of life as the others?  I mean, it was indeed standing right along with the others.  Perhaps it was how I choose to view the tree?  Did I count the tree as waste because of its appearance?  Maybe if I took a few more minutes to gaze at it, I would have noticed the firmness in its branches and life in its color.

After taking a second look I decided the tree was doing just fine, it wasn't dead or withered at all.  As I stated it was standing tall, not leaned over or broken but firm and grounded.  That tree had just as much right to be there as the others.  Some may say it’s not as pretty, but doesn't that depend on who and how you view beauty?  Just like this tree stood in a lush garden of color, it still caught my attention and made me question its purpose.

Are you standing in a garden of beauty or around people that appear to have it all figured out?  Have you counted yourself out because you don't look like what you hoped?  Has life circumstances whipped you so much that you have decided to give up?  If so continue to stand and remain grounded.  Don't lose sight of your purpose; you're here for a reason. 

As you stand, feed on those things which are good and monitor what you see, hear and speak.  As well as how you do it.  Don't be moved by the noise, the things to the left and right of you, move forward.  Move into the territory that God has ordained for you and trust that he will make a way even when the path looks bare.  He has equipped you with everything you need, look within and hold on.

Today you may be in a valley, a situation or an unfair circumstance but don't allow the challenge to skew your view.  Remember the same God that blesses your neighbor, blesses you too.

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